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Moving house is an exciting time, the prospect of the things that you can do with the space and the wealth of new places to visit and things to do is enough to fill the head with nothing but wonderful thoughts. There are however a great many stresses and strains to deal with when moving house, and we thought it only right that we share some hints and tips on home removals with you, in order that you find the process rewarding and effective, while not too stressful!

With a month to go before the move, you should have given your current landlord (if you are renting) your notice. Some land lords demand a two month notice period, which gives you plenty of time in which to find your new property. This can however be a bit of an issue, as many properties do not come on to the market with a two month period before they become available. It is very likely, should a desirable property become available before you move out of your current place, that it will be snapped up by someone in a more fortuitous position than yourself. It is rare that you will have the means with which to afford to pay for two properties worth of rent at any one time, so this can often be a problem.

In this month before your move date, get your removals company booked, as leaving it until later may mean you have less choice, and have to pay more than you would normally. It is worth remembering to plan well in advance, so that you are not feeling majorly rushed and panicked at the last hour. Shop around for a decent removals company, and get to know the different services that they provide. Once you know exactly what you want, find a few firms that will provide it and compare their quotes, bartering for the best price you can possibly get. Be aware while working out the best price, that some less well established firms may be less then commendable, so search for reviews online that will alert you to any companies that need avoiding.

With a couple of weeks to go, start packing your things up, and carefully mark each box with a short inventory, so that you are not left tearing through other boxes while looking for a specific item. At first, only pack that which you definitely not need, as otherwise the process will never end! As you get closer to the day of the move you can start to box up more essential things, but have provisions on the side to allow you to carry on living on the day of the move, and for when you arrive. Put together a box of essentials, like food, towels, cleaning things and toilet paper, for when you first arrive at the house. You will obviously have a lot of initial unpacking to do, but it is helpful to have these things straight to hand when you arrive, should disaster strike.

Make a plan of the new place and sketch in where larger items should go. This will get you excited about your new property, as well as being a perfect way to show the removals team where everything goes. If the movers put things in place first time, then you won’t be forced to move them yourself later on! Label each room with the same room names as you have put on the boxes, so that the team drop things off appropriately.

We hope that our tips will make your move a smooth one!