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Moving Beyond the Sea

EU MovesWith the whole world at our finger tips it’s surprising that most people will barely move from the palace they are born. They may leave every now and again but they are never too far from their home town. It can seem like such a waste when there are so many interesting and exciting places to visit and even live. The prospect of an international move may conjure up images of hard work and unending amount of paperwork. This may be true but only if you go at it alone. If you recruit the help of Coventry Removals on 020 8746 4373 you are guaranteed a swift and successful move across the sea.

If you are even curious about the whole idea then we would love to hear from you. We can use our experience of the process to give you an idea of what you are in for and what you would have to do. We can put your fears to rest and dispel at rumours you’ve heard or doubts you have. Anything you want to know, ask us and we are sure we can give you a suitable answer. If you like we can provide many tips on the best way to do things. We can recommend all the services we offer and can offer a quote that will cost you nothing and have no attachment if you are uncertain about what we charge. Our experience with handling such moves means we know about all the paperwork involved and will be able to assist you with it.

Preparation and planning can be a key when moving abroad and it is best you check and double-check everything to ensure that everything meets your standards. After you have chosen your new home it is important that you visit it several times before you finalise the purchase. You want to make sure it has everything you want such as the number of rooms, a garage, attic, cellar, garden and so on. If you have special requirements for example needing certain rooms on the ground floor or wheelchair access it’s vital that this is verified. It’s also important to know about the surrounding area. Does it have the facilities such a transport and schools you need? You will want to live in a pleasant neighbourhood so ask the locals for an honest opinion. It’s also useful to note where places like the local hospitals and fire and police stations are.

Moving AbroadWhen you are happy with your home and you make your purchase then you will need help getting all of your belongings there and that’s where we come in. We will be able to wrap all of your goods to keep them safe and put them in containers that will, further secure them and allow for easy transport. We can even handle all of your larger items and furniture. We can have all your possessions shipped to your new homeland safely and have them delivered, taken to your new address and have everything set up before you arrive. If you need, we have storage depots where we can hold onto your goods until you need them.

It’s imperative that you are aware of the laws in the country you are relocating too and if you own any items that are restricted. Make sure you have jobs and schools organised and you register with the local authorities. We will able to have employees speak the local language and communicate with the local authorities to finalise everything. So if you want to expand your horizons literally and figuratively then get in touch with Coventry Removals.