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For fast, efficient and effective removals hiring the services of a removal company is the best way to go! But, how do we get that first class assistance and service for a great affordable price?

Shop around!

Moving is expensive and we certainly don’t want to add to that expense by paying extortionate removal rates. Most people who end up paying for a job that is not worth the cost do so because they have failed to shop around. Make it a priority to shop around asking for quotes so that you have something to compare with, before you book.
Look online, ask people and try the phone book to collect local removals phone numbers.

Ask them to beat the quote!

Once you have a list of good reputable companies and you know what they are quoting, keep this handy! Ring those companies back and make it clear to them what other removal companies are quoting and ask if they would consider beating that quote. Tell them that you would happily hire them if they beat the quote. Depending on how busy and successful the removal company is will determine whether or not they will beat quotes. If a company is not desperate for your custom then they may not, however chances are not all on the list are in a position to refuse, so it’s worth a try!

Make it clear what you service you require!

Explain to the removals hire firm what it is that you need; is it a full house removal? Is it office removals? Of do you only require a van to shift something big? Sometime you may get a cheaper quote for a smaller job however the distance and fuel cost will be taken into consideration too.

Tell the removal company how much assistance is required, you will pay more for the extra help but if you do not have that help readily available on the day and are expecting the driver to lift something heavy by himself you could be left disappointed when you realise that they won’t do that, an you may lose your fee or deposit if they refuse the job.

Ask about any current offers or up and coming ones!

Ask the removal company if they have special offers or deals on at the moment. Sometimes a removal company will offer special rates to boost public interest and if you are looking to hire them it may be worth holding out for those times, if they are not far away. You certainly do not want to be booking them one week only to find out that they are doing 30% off on the following week, so it’s worth asking about it.

Ask about the cheaper days and times to book!

Some removal companies may offer cheaper rates for different times of the day, for instance it could be more expensive to book out of peak hours so make sure that you are aware of that before you book. It may or may not be cheaper to book over the weekend; some companies do a cheaper weekend rate whereas others will charge more for weekend removals.

Don’t be fooled!

Be aware and realistic when looking for a removals company, if a company is offering some great service for pittance it may not be as it seems, they could be conning and end up providing a shoddy service in return or at worst you may not get any service at all. Remain vigilant and seek the reputation of the company prior to booking, this way you have a better understanding about how they work and what they may offer you.