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If you are about to embark on a removal that involves others, then you need to make some base decisions fairly early on. Getting it sorted as to who is going to take the lead on such things may come naturally in some cases, and not even be something that you need to worry about, but there are situations that can arise otherwise, that will make moving forward in a unified way a lot more difficult for you. Being on the same page is possibly the corner stone of an easy group removal, so it is absolutely essential that you can get your heads together and find an umbrella to move under. Whilst a leader will make important decisions and lead, they should not be viewed as the only person who is making the move happen. You will need to ensure that the leader is supplemented by the rest of the group, whether you are flatmates, a couple or a family. If the dynamic does not present itself naturally, then you likely fall into two camps; the group where no one wants to take charge, and the group where more than one wants to take charge. Both cause difficulties in different ways, so have a look over both sides of the argument.

For a start, if you have a group where more than one person feels like they should be organizing everything, then you will need to look at the various persons as candidates. For a start, one of the main needs when you are organizing a removal is time. People who feel like they should be organizing things, often have high pressure jobs; it is rare that extremely proactive people are going to have work that requires them to be on the phone out of office hours, or traveling a lot, so this may well be a factor that you can base a decision on. Which person in the group has the most time? You can;t pin the removal on someone who really is not interested in doing it if there are individuals who really are, but the fact is, if you have two extremely busy people trying to get the job, then they are not going to do a great job, either of them! One way to settle such a thing is to have the various people who want to be in charge join forces, and each take over a different aspect of the removal. One could liaise with the removals company, the other be in charge of packing boxes, whilst another covers preparing the furniture etcetera. Ensuring that there is communication between the different aspects is essential.

If you have a situation where you have a group where no one wants to be in charge, more typical of student flats or younger flat shares, then you need to find the person who has the most experience in such organizational matters. In a way, this is always going to be difficult, and if you are the kind of person who researches how to solve such things, then you are going to be the person for the job! Proactivity is the key here, as a removal will require a general willingness to get involved with things, and to ensure that all goes ahead safely and securely. Dividing the jobs across a bunch of people who are not that interested in the whole process is unlikely to yield great results, so finding an individual to take control is perhaps the best option over all.