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If you are looking at hiring a removals van for a self removal, then you need to be aware that every cog in the well oiled machine that a removal should be needs to stand up to the pressures of the job. Whilst most of the time every cog is yourself, in organizing the whole operation, the van that you use for the removal needs to be similarly fine in its tuning to give you a decent job. There is absolutely no use in a van that you get loaded and half way through the journey that then breaks down. Nor in one that is such a bumpy red that half of your crockery gets broken! It is well worth ensuring that your removals van is up to the job, and even if you are looking to get a removals company to do the job, ensuring that they are supplying you with a really decent vehicle is essential. You don’t want to be the victim of a rubbish ride!

There are a few ways in which to check out the van, but a massive alert will ring when you see it for the first time and it looks a bit battered. Whilst the use of a removals van will mean that they can get fairly knocked about cosmetically, you need to be sure that the rental place or the company that is supplying it are not attempting to talk it up to you. A van needs to be sound on the inside, and whilst it does not matter what it looks like in reality, it is essential that you are sure of its solidity. Ask to test drive it, and have a think about how well the vehicle drives and handles whilst you are doing so. Get used to a comfortable speed that you think won’t throw the contents of the loading area around. Be sure to think about how the vehicle reacts as you hit potholes or cracks in the road, and be aware of any strange noises as you drive the vehicle. Should anything bother you, you should ask the rental place, but be aware that the load weight of the van will affect its handling pretty severely, so do not rest too many things on the way it drives when it is empty.

Suspension is incredibly important with a removals van, and ensuring that you are not putting your delicate items in to a vehicle that will bounce them all over the place whilst in motion is vital. You should get an idea as to whether it has stiff or soft suspension, and most heavier vehicles will have softer, though some will be designed to go a little faster, and may be tougher on the ride. You will most likely find that the load will push the suspension own a little, but if it is a bumpy ride whilst empty, not much will change.

Be sure that the machine has been serviced properly before you take it on a long journey. Check the oil and water, ensure that there are no hazard or warning lights on, and be sure that your lights work in case you have to work in to the dark hours. If you feel confident in the vehicle then you will feel more confident about the smooth running of the removal in general. However, as added security, you should ask the hire company about their breakdown recovery and replacement service, to be sure that any issues will be corrected immediately.