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Unless you are still in college, you likely attempt to keep your bathroom as clean, tidy and bacteria free as possible. Saying and doing this are two completely different scenarios though. The size and functionality of the room makes it a catch all for makeup, clothes, towels, toiletries, shaving products and bacteria among other things. Here are a few tips to keeping your bathrooms clean and clutter free.
Counters – Most people tend to use the counter tops as a catchall for everything in the bathroom. Toothpaste, brushes, combs, shirts, towel etc tend to get left on the counters. The problem is a cluttered counter makes your bathroom seem smaller than it really is. It is best to keep the minimal amount of items on your counter. Keep a small basket to hold minimal items, a toothbrush holder and a soap dispenser. This should keep you covered and keep your counters de-cluttered.
Showers – The shower and bathtub tend to accumulate a lot of stuff as well. Soap, shampoo, hand towels, razors and kids toys are among many items which get left out. A shower caddie or a shelving system will keep bottles neat and organized. Smaller showers will probably need a caddie which hangs from the shower head while larger showers can use a floor to ceiling unit or a shelving system. Keep your shower and bath clean so it looks tidy and there is less of a chance of falling over toys or stray bottles.
Medicine Cabinet – The medicine cabinet is convenient but the convenience can quickly get out of control. Use the shelving properly to keep small items organized. Discard any medications, old toothpaste, razors and other beauty bottles which are expired or rarely used. The medicine cabinet is handy but don’t let it get cluttered or things will begin to spill onto your counters.
Make it Your Own – Pick your own colors, add small shelving or old book cases if you have the room. Make the most of your space to minimize clutter yet keep the bathroom tidy and clean. Extra shelving can hold towels, linens and other bottles which are taking up precious space.
De-cluttering your bathroom will help you create more space and allow you to find items easier when you need them. Once you get the bathroom clean, tidy and in order it is much easier to keep it that way.
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