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The Benefits of Man and Van Hire

The Benefits of Man and Van Hire

03 September 2014

Planning a move can cause unwanted stress. The thought of lifting heavy good and all those other smaller tasks that need organising in between. The best way to avoid the stress of moving would be to get the professionals in. A lot of people feel they cannot afford to hire help, which means they are more likely to do so themselves yet spend a lot more money on boxes, hiring a van and all the other add-ons that cost.

Why get help? Professionals are experienced in how to move and what is involved. They are experts so they will do the whole job for you. If you decide to go it alone and handle expensive goods, the likelihood of a breakage is high. With hired help, the professionals will be trained in handling heavier, more valuable goods, therefore avoiding any breakage or unnecessary damage. What’s more, they are trained through health and safety regulations to do the job properly without breaking a bone.

Insurance policies will cover the safety of your belongings and will also protect themselves as well as their customers and potential clients. Accidents are always likely, especially if you’re to go ahead and conduct the move yourself. Even when professionals take on the job, they will be at risk also but will certainly be better trained than someone who does a unsupervised ‘do it yourself’ job and risks their health and safety. While accidents do not always occur, insurance will give you (and them) peace at mind knowing that you and your belongings are in safe and capable hands.

A hired company is a lot more practical as they are trained in moving goods more than we could be. They make moving more efficient, they will save time and help you to save money. Hiring help isn’t always the answer but if you decide to get the helpers in to do the job, make sure they are a company you trust and they will save you money rather than spend it.

There are so many companies you can hire for your house move, but not all of them offer the same packages and quality of service. Service plans depend on the company, so do your groundwork and shop around. Make sure that you are hiring the best company you can by ensuring you are going with a company that have and offer insurance, are recommended, highly experienced and well-reviewed along with offering a tracking service to ensure your possessions are always safe and going in the right direction.

Service levels of each removal company really vary depending on their client’s wants and needs. These services can range from anything from virtual removals giving tips through video, bespoke deals where the customer does no hard work or finger-lifting, the company does it all for you. Make sure any services or companies that you decide to choose, are a firm that adheres a code of conduct, has a good background financially and consumer-based.

Before you buy

• Do your research and shop around for price comparisons.
• Reviews and web-based research are great of comparing companies.
• Only agree on a quote after meeting with a prospective company.
• Don’t pay over the phone without a one-to-one meeting.
• Make sure the company you hire follow the law and have a solid code of conduct.
• Experience is more important than a brand name – the length of a company will give you a good indicator of how respected they are in the community.
• Check for packages and deals before paying for each small task separately, ask if the company will make you a deal based on your needs.

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