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Self Storage vs Portable Storage

Self Storage vs Portable Storage

03 September 2014

The battle between regular self storage and portable storage is often based on the context, so there will never be one straight out and out winner. The need for storage arises at very differing times, and for different purposes, so you will never be able to chose one over the other really. considering the ways in which you may need to use storage will give you a better idea as to what to go for, but the answer will usually be fairly obvious when you are considering the different elements of the job at hand.

Self storage is usually used for longer term storage, and mainly of household items, such as furniture and home wares. This means that self storage plants are usually large warehouses divided up in to smaller units that can be rented on a monthly basis. The nature of the self storage facility means that you have to travel to it i order to drop your items off, and this often involves having to rent a van, which can be a pain.

Portable storage usually comes in the form of a large freight container, which is dropped off at your location by a lorry. These are large and often ugly boxes, that will store quite a bit, but will of course be sat where they are for the duration of the storage needed, unless they are to be shipped elsewhere. The use of these containers is usually reduced to industrial or commercial work. They are perfect for a building job, where things need to be kept onsite, out of the way and protected from the weather. The perks to this sort of storage over self storage is that your items are always close by, the down side, is that you have a hulking great metal cuboid wherever you are!

Considering their different properties, it could be easy to try and pick a winner in the self storage vs portable storage war, but in reality, they are designed to be different, and therefore there is no point in deciding on a superior. If you are doing some home renovations and you don’t mind having an eyesore outside your house for a while, then using portable storage can be a great way to avoid driving everything to a self storage unit. However, hiring a freight container can be very expensive, as there is a delivery charge as well as the monthly rent, so be aware that the effort of getting a van and loading things in to self storage may well be worth the savings that it could bring you.

There is also the issue of time. Do you need to have things stored for quite a while? If so, then you will not want the container on your front lawn for very long, and it is certainly the best move to organize self storage in such an instance. Should you be needing to store extremely heavy items, then portable storage may be a good option, as things like tiles and other building materials are not best suited to being carried, loaded and unloaded very often, which makes van transport a bit of a nightmare.

So, as it has been stated a few times, the decision should be based on the context of the job. Portable storage is great if you need your storage to be right where you need it, however the cheaper option if you can travel will always be self storage. Good luck!

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