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How to Have the Perfect Moving Away Party

How to Have the Perfect Moving Away Party

03 September 2014

There’s a lot more to living in a house than just living in it. You become a part of the society and the community around you. As a result, you form real relationships with those around you, including neighbours and even local pub landlords!

Moving to a new location will mean that you will have to say goodbye to your current home and the loved ones around you. If you are moving far away, you may not be able to see these loved ones as often as you would like, if at all. So it is always a good idea to have one last gathering where you are surrounded by friends, family and neighbours etc. What perfect way to do this than by throwing a moving away party!

This article will discuss all the options available to you in order to throw that perfect party which will be the talk of the community.

If you want a party where you wish to invite anyone who is anyone, from work colleagues to neighbours then there are many options available to you.

You could throw a little party in your current home. It would be like celebrating being in your current home with the people you love one last time. People usually bring alcohol to these events so you would not have to spend a lot of money on alcohol. Simple finger foods are inexpensive and very effective during leaving parties.

If you are looking to arrange an event that is not held in your home (since you will end up with additional cleaning), then a hall or venue is perfect for you. Most neighbourhoods have a community hall or a social club where you can hire a venue for your occasion. This is perfect for you if you are planning on inviting many people and feel as if you will not be able to accommodate those people in your home.

In many cases, friends, neighbours and family members offer to help out by either preparing some food e.g. potato salad, buying some alcohol or simply giving some money to put towards the event.

On the other hand, you may only want a small, intimate event where only your nearest and dearest will be present. Once again, you could do this in your home, by preparing a nice home made dinner and inviting everyone around. Alternatively, you could have a drinks night where all your loved ones come round for drinks and snacks.

If you would rather go out then booking a table at a nice, fancy restaurant is perfect! Not only will you be surrounded by everyone you care about, but you will also be surrounded by delicious food and a fantastic, relaxing atmosphere.

Throwing a party or arranging a small gathering is the perfect way to meet everyone you love and care for. Rather than spending time with each person individually (which will in turn take up a lot of time), you can meet everyone at the same time, thus saving yourself some time. It also provides the perfect atmosphere during which you can converse and say goodbye without becoming too emotional or sensitive.

Having a gathering will show people how much you care for them and will further strengthen your relationships with them. Just because you are moving away certainly does not have to mean that your relationship with them has to come to an end.

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