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House Warmers: A Gift Guide for New Movers

House Warmers: A Gift Guide for New Movers

08 September 2014

Buying gifts for close friends and relatives that move can be a difficult task. Whether to go for thought or humour is often a tied-decision. But the main difficulty lies in price. Whilst it’s all fair and well spending on yourself and your new home, when it comes to others, just how far should you money go? The truth it, it’s totally up to you how much time and how much money you spend on a house-warming gift. Our tip? Shop by personality to get it spot on and be creative. Home-made gifts are thoughtful, cheap and fun to make. Plus the person who receives one will be touched by your effort and personal touches. Here’s how –

Rural retreat

Suburban properties read out two things – home cooking and long walks. For someone who has it all, creating your own recipe jar is a thoughtful gift that can be completed, wrapped and decorated with ribbon in the space of half an hour. Take one medium-sized empty jar, fill it up, using a layer effect, with sugar, flour, chocolate chips and any ingredients of a chocolate brownies, cookies, lemon drizzle cake or a tea loaf and finish off with a ribbon and a gift-tag. This may be a little feminine for some male movers but try the same with a bottle and alcohol, a cocktail mix perhaps, or a savoury recipe? Be creative and use your imagination. The beauty of this gift is it costs near to nothing and allows you to use your imagination and see what you come up with. This gift works great for children too, and not just as a housewarming gift.

City pad

The sleek city apartment is the perfect blank canvas for photography. Close friend? Create a montage collage of photos. Family? Create a family portrait. Or a lone ranger? An artistic canvas will prove a real winner. These swanky city pads are all about minimalism and monochrome so play up to this and go down the art route. Iconic prints and pop-art style canvases are currently proving very popular in contemporary inner city living so bring them a slice of the sixties with a Lichtenstein-inspired frame perfect for showing off and creating a modern city twist.

Trendy townie

Townhouses are all about a good wine selection or plenty of cushions. Try a candle set or a personalised cushion cover. To avoid over-spending, get an empty jar again or a large glass bottle and fill it up with memoir and memorabilia. Photographs, cinema tickets and fight passes make great memories and can be filled up over years: past, present and future. A gift like this would pose perfectly on a lounge mantelpiece. Again, go by personality rather than tastes. A personal gift such as this will create a warm, comforting ornament to admire and share.

Quick fixes

• Get printing with old photographs and experiment with collages and montages. See where your imagination takes you, whether you decide on something minimalist or more creative.
• Play with food and create your own recipes. You can write them out too and add decorations such as ribbon and even photography to create personal last-minute touches.
• Create a guest-book or a notebook with comments, quotes and photos, creating a great coffee table read and personal memoir to admire.
• Perhaps a personalised door sign or coasters will do the trick. Search around for printing prices or try to make your own, whichever you prefer.
• Make a CD or online playlist of favourite songs or new music to accompany them in their new humble abode.

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