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6 Questions to Ask a Man and Van Service

6 Questions to Ask a Man and Van Service

03 September 2014

Man and Van services have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a cheap alternative to hiring a removal company. A removal company will cost you anywhere up to and beyond £200 to hire them out depending on the size of the van and where you are moving to and from. A Man and Van service will only charge you £15 an hour. So if your move is a local one, using their service could end up saving you a bundle of cash. If you are considering using a Man and Van service, here are some questions you should be sure to ask them before you hire them out:

1) What size vehicle do they use?
Most Man and Van services provide their customers with 3.5 tonne vehicles. If you want to know how big that is, think of an ordinary transit van. If the term transit van is as alien to you as the word kubbutebop, then Google 3.5 tonne van and you should be able to get the dimensions of the vehicle. Failing that, ask the Man and the Van service – they should be more than happy to answer any questions you have. If they do only provide 3.5 tonne vans, you have to make a decision of whether or not all your items you wish to transport will fit in that van. 3.5 tonne vans are primarily only good for people moving into small flats who don’t own a lot of furniture.

2) Are they available on your move out/ move in day?
If the answer to that question is no – and you are not at all flexible – then it’s time to hang up the phone. It is futile to ask any more questions about that particular company if they are not available when you need them.

3) How much do they charge?
As said before, Man and Van services usually charge around£15 an hour – so if you get a quote of £25 an hour or more for the use of a 3.5 tonne van, you are probably being taken for a ride. Be sure to not take the first offer you get – the chances are it won’t be the cheapest. It is best to phone around and get a plethora of quotes before making your decision. Remember that patience is a virtue.

4) Do they offer any discounts?
In order to promote their business and get a regular cash-flow, many Man and Van services will offer discounts on their service. Most of these discounts can be found on their websites, if they have one. If you phone, be sure to ask whether they do offer any discounts because they are unlikely to offer them unless you ask.

5) Will they help you load and unload the van?
This means going into your home, take all your boxes and furniture out on to the street, load them into the van, and then help you unload them again. Most, if you ask nicely, will do it. Some will assume that doing so is part of the service you are paying for. But it’s always best to check. If they don’t, then if you don’t have any helping hands, using their service could be an extremely physically-taxing task for you.

6) Ask how much experience they have?
New Man and Van services are popping up all the time – especially nowadays as people have less spending power and do not want to fork out for the services of a removal company. With this in mind, it is best to ask what experience they can offer. If you want a reliable, trustworthy service, it is best to go with a company that has been doing it for years, not for weeks.

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