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A Removal Firm Worthy of its Customers

Many businesses will talk about how they are dedicated to their customers. They will list many services and deals that they put in place for their clients to show how they should be the one’s hired for a particular service. It is in essence a competition as different firms vie for the attention of patrons. In our case, moving home is the service we provide and we can do it very well. In order to attract potential patrons we go above and beyond to show our dedication in performing the best job possible. So if you are intrigued by what we can offer, get in touch on 020 8746 4373 and read on.

In order to help as many people a possible we aim to assist clients as soon as they ring us on the phone. We won’t begin by trying to persuade them to give us money, commit to any of our services, or other such things but will instead use our knowledge of moving for their benefit. We will answer the questions they have so they have a better understanding of the process. If they feel that they can handle it alone we will offer them free advice to make things simpler and to ensure everything is done correctly. If they want to know more about what we can do for them we will happily inform them at the services we offer and can quote them for free and without obligation. We avoid rigid package deals because it allows us to be flexible, giving our client exactly what they need for an affordable price. We can then also get involved at any point of the move more easily, covering just what is needed of us.

Some firms may just hire anyone who has the right notes on their CV but not us. We only want people working for us who are friendly, patient, accommodating and will to go the extra mile for a customer. We want them to be trustworthy so our patron can rest easy knowing their belongings and even their future, is safe in the hands of hard working people. If at any time our customer wants more information or would like to request a change we feel that they should not hesitate when asking one of our movers, and that our employee should respond politely and oblige them. However, we do demand that any mover who works for us is experienced and skilled so they will be able to handle all jobs and overcome any problems. They should be able to do everything properly, quickly and most important of all; safely.

To give the best service possible we have to cover every possibility that one of our customers may need. That is why we do everything a relocation could entail and are prepared to do more if necessary. If we are tackling every aspect of a move we will begin with packing, in which we will make an inventory of goods to prevent them from being lost and employ myriads of wrapping and containers that will keep their belongings safe. We will handle their larger goods such as furniture with equal caution, taking many steps to prevent any damage being incurred and that every involved is safe. We have vehicles to transport the goods and storage depots to depot them for as long as they are need if the client so requires. We can also assist with international moves and our Man and Van service is essential in keeping things running smoothly.

If you would like to know more about Coventry Removals then please get in touch for more information.